This is 65 Episode 60: Babysitter’s Gotta Have a Code

Kata Kane returns to the show to talk about comics, movies, and superhero ladies with the gang! Then, our heroes read more of The Babysitter’s Club book “The Ghost at Dawn’s House”!

This is 65 The Podcast presents Give Us Goosebumps!! We want YOU to write a short, spooky, young adult story and send it to us at! We will read your story on our show and you may win one of several awesome prizes!
Third prize gets a signed 11×17 brand new This is 65 The Podcast poster!
Second prize gets a personalized ringtone or voicemail message sent to you of your favorite This is 65 The Podcast sketch character!
And First prize gets to go see the bayou werewolf himself, John Fogerty, at Pier Six in Baltimore, MD, on June 22nd with the whole This is 65 the Podcast crew!

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