A few years ago I was brought in to co-host a podcast, called Mark and Chris Have a Podcast with Mark and Chris. Because adding my name to that title seemed a bit much, we retitled the show and brought it into the brand This is 65, calling it This is 65 the Podcast. It’s a weekly show hosted by myself, Chris Zaleski, and Bekah Weininger, where we chat with guests, play games, and read children’s horror books.

My time spent recording and editing the podcast as well as all of the vocal performances for Popsuckette Theatre, our sock puppet webseries, has given me a great deal of audio experience. Below, you can check out the podcast website, and also listen to some examples from the show in the form of improvised comedy sketches. If you’d like to collaborate on an audio project, of even if you want to come on the show as a guest, contact me!