Popsuckette Theatre is a brand new show from This is 65 Films about a rag-tag group of sock puppets who run a community theater.  The show began development in the fall of 2012 and the first season premiered in the fall of 2016.  Popsuckette Theatre has been the biggest and most ambitious project I’ve ever undertaken, involving the creation of dozens of characters, props, and sets, as well as extensive voice acting and puppeteering.  Check out the gallery below for a look into the making of the first season and the official trailer that will give a bit of insight into the characters and story you’ll see in Popsuckette Theatre.  You can view all episodes and extras, as well as order a Blu-ray of the whole first season, at the official Popsuckette Thetre website. If you want to collaborate on a similar project, contact me!

Official trailer for season one of Popsuckette Theatre

A short clip from the rough cut of our second episode.

A quick look at what it’s been to film a sock puppet show inside a tiny Baltimore row house.