In addition to my personal work in short films and webseries, I’ve also acted as Creative Director at a Maryland-based tech company, producing a variety of corporate videos from start to finish.  These include virtual tours of data centers, motion graphic informational videos, and filming of live events, among others.


One Market Center Virtual Tour

This video was created using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

This is a video created as a virtual tour for the AiNET data center in Baltimore at 300 West Lexington St.  The video was created with drone footage from the roof of the building, b-roll footage shot in the data center, and still and motion graphics.

Cybersecurity: What You Need To Know

This is a video created using Adobe Premiere and After Effects as a joint informational video for AiNET and Cybersafe.

From the video description: “AiNET and Cybersafe Solutions give you the run down on cyber attacks and what you need to know, as a business, to survive one.”

Future Cities Symposium

These four videos are edited excerpts from the Future Cities Symposium event held in the former Hutzler’s Palace building in Baltimore.

From the video description: “Future Cities is AiNET’s vision to help foster collaboration, innovation and creativity in Baltimore City. Through the use of discussions, education and technology deployments, AiNET seeks to connect different organizations and communities throughout the City.”

The videos span topics ranging from the history of Baltimore City as a telecommunications hub, to the installation of a brand new, free  municipal wi-fi network and how that can help bridge the digital divide in Baltimore.

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Migrating to the Cloud

This is a video created using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects based on a white paper article from AiNET.

This video was part of AiNET’s video PR program, to turn previously text-based press releases into informational videos.

From the video description: “Every organization’s cloud migration strategy will be different, but avoiding these 5 common mistakes will vastly improve your chances of success.”