I began my film career making amateur home movies throughout high school.  In college, first I studied Film Theory, graduating with an Associate’s degree from Anne Arundel Community College, then studying Film, Video, and Theater and graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science from Villa Julie College.  I then spent the better part of a decade at Discovery Communications in a variety of positions dealing with Broadcast, Digital Media, and Media Operations.

A few years after creating the brand This is 65 I expanded with This is 65 Films to encompass the various short films and series I was working on in my spare time.  Working with a small but extremely talented collective of like-minded creatives in Baltimore, This is 65 Films creates short films and webseries, including the highly ambitions sock puppet show, Popsuckette Theatre.  Visit Thisis65Films.com for our full catalogue, and see a few examples of our work below.  If you would like to collaborate on a video project, contact me!